Best Escape Rooms in Henrico, VA You Have to Try Out

One for The Mystery Lovers

Nothing provides an excellent opportunity for family bonding and team-building like an old-school escape room game. Here you get the chance to work together with your team to solve mysteries and puzzles, attempting to find clues that will help you escape the room before time elapses. Henrico has a few good escape rooms, and it would be a crime if you were in town and didn’t try at least one of these. Learn more here.

Escape Room RVA

Escape Room RVA is the premier immersive escape adventure on the East Coast. Here you only have sixty minutes to find secret passages, solve the codes, dodge lasers, and crack the safe to win the game. It may sound easy, but the designers of each room have put in extra effort to ensure that you are well challenged and work together with the rest of your team to crack it.  Learn more about Top Rated Spas Around Henrico, VA.

River City Escape Room

You have exactly an hour to decipher clues and solve puzzles to save your team. At River City Escape Room, your problem-solving skills and ability to communicate are put to the test. The place is ideal for corporate team building and even birthday parties.

Put your skills to the test and see if you can beat the quiz master.