Animal Preservation Sites in Jacksonville

Many cities have established animal preservation centers for their wildlife. Human activity is, directly and indirectly, contributing to the death of many species yearly, and the continuous activity can cause the extinction of some species. It is not a myth as some animals have gone into extinction today. Jacksonville is one of the cities that understands the importance of preserving their wildlife. Hence, they have preservation centers or reserves built for specific species to live, thrive, and multiply in. let’s view some of these reserves that tourists can visit in the city. Learn more here.

Catty Shack Ranch

This ranch is primarily dedicated to the reservation of tigers and other big cats. A visit to this ranch will avail you of the opportunity to see various species of big cats rescued from cruel humans and fed on the farm to elongate their lifespan. Also, tourists can feed the cats after buying tickets for the purpose. It is a wonderful scene to behold. Learn more about Top Schools in Jacksonville, Florida.

TIAA Jaguar Field

This is another spot to view the Jaguars in Jacksonville. There are lots of additional opportunities to enjoy at the TIAA Jaguar Field. This is a hot spot for many people in the city.