Top-Rated Fun Centers In Newport News, VA

Must-Visit Spots in Newport News, VA

Ideally, the options of fun spots to visit in Newport News are endless. But if you are on a tight-schedule and looking to see some of the best areas rich in history and fun-filled, consider the following areas. Learn more here. Learn more here.

Fort Monroe

Fort Monroe was built in 1834 and claimed fame of being the largest stone fort to have ever been erected in the United States. The fort was created to provide defense along the coastline of Chesapeake Bay, and it operated as such for hundreds of years before it was decommissioned. Nowadays, it is a National Monument in the United States, and you can tour the fort and learn more about its history. Learn more about Newport News, VA is Kid-friendly Town.

James A. Fields House

The James A. Field House is the former home of a prominent teacher and lawyer from Newport News and served as his law office for many years and operated as the first hospital in the African-American community. The house has been painstakingly restored and is now a museum that will give you a glimpse of how life would have been in the 1900s in Newport News, and you can take a guided tour.