Roof Replacement Cost In Jacksonville, FL

Roof Replacement Cost In Jacksonville, FL

roof replacement cost in Jacksonville FLNeed to know the roof installation cost in Jacksonville, FL? We break it down by roofing type, estimated labor costs, and everything else you need to know.

The last thing you want when you live on the east coast of Florida is your roof ripping off shingle by shingle during hurricane season because you decided to cut corners for a cheaper roof replacement. 

A quality roof does more than protect you from the elements. Proper ventilation protects your family from dangers caused by excess moisture and warm air, such as mold

It could even save the planet (and you some serious dough) by conserving energy. You can’t afford to miss this investment. 

Keep reading to discover the factors that affect your roof replacement cost in Jacksonville, FL. 


Roof Replacement Costs

The main factors in the cost of roof replacement are:

  • Local service rate
  • The surface area of the roof
  • Materials

However, the grand total you should plan to spend on this investment varies by a number of other factors too. For a more accurate estimation, have a roofing contractor come by to take a look at the roof.

Other factors include building materials, the removal, and disposal cost of previous layers of roof, and labor. 

In Jacksonville, FL, the average rate of roof replacement could be anywhere from $3.50 to $6 per square foot, depending on your contractor. The difficulty of working on your roof could also affect this rate. For instance, if you have a roof with a steep slope, this makes it more difficult to work on, so the labor cost may be higher.

If you have a particularly complex roof with multiple layers, floors, or a large slant, the total surface area goes up, and so does your total cost. 

Last, weather affects the roof replacement cost in Jacksonville, Florida. Windier conditions need specific materials, like asphalt shingles, to withstand these forces and keep your home protected. Learn More About:

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Roof Replacement Cost

Roofing Type

Shingles come in wood, metal, concrete, and clay. Other synthetic mixtures also exist, engineered to reduce flame spread in the event of a fire, use fewer natural resources, and better stay in place.

Some shingles may come with a 30, 50 or lifetime warranty – if you want to flow the extra cash for a long-lasting investment. High-quality shingles don’t even have to be that expensive and will give your home the beautiful finish you’ve been dreaming about.   

Metal roofs often come with a lifetime warranty, save energy, and require little, if any, work to maintain. However, the material cost makes this choice is quite expensive. 

If you go for cheaper shingles and service, the roof material may wither faster. High winds and temperature fluctuation will definitely send your shingles flying, or at least sliding into your gutters.

Underlayment like tar paper, ice and water shields, or breathable synthetic materials protect the infrastructure of your roof. Accessories like vent pipes, PVC membranes, and standing seams increase the lifespan of your roof and affect your bottom line. 

Get the Best Roof Replacement Cost In Jacksonville, Florida, At A Reasonable Price

For the best, most accurate roof replacement cost in Jacksonville, FL, contact Florida roofers who are familiar with local weather conditions. 

Your local contractor can resolve issues quickly and tell you more about common hazards in your area. 

If you’re ready to raise the roof in Jacksonville, FL, check out the experienced roofers at Paramount Builders. 


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