Woods Acres, Virginia Best Attractions

Woods Acres has a lot of high and low things you can do. Whether you are visiting or living in Woods Acres, you must not miss some destinations and attractions.  Visit this link for more information.

Kindred Spirit Brewing

If you love beer, you will find Kindred Spirit Brewing as a place to get delicious and most exciting beers possible. Established in 2016, the company has offered RVA the most delicious and freshest craft beers possible. It is a place to get friendly company, local food trucks, and live local music. Read about Top Hotels in Oilville, Virginia here. 


Blythe is located at 11713 W Broad Street, and it is great for different personal shopping, bridal, and lingerie. If you’re looking for any foundation garments like hosiery, shapewear, a K cup, swimwear, or sports bras, you can get personalized bra fittings. If you’re looking for shopping that feels glamorous and easy, you will get this and even more from Blythe.

Hardywood West Creek

When you visit Hardywood West Creek, you will see a brew with a core philosophy of brewing with purpose. Hardywood prefers community connections, mindful of environmental impact, sourcing local ingredients, and focuses on brewing quality. You will find the place awesome for its delicious fair-priced beer, live music, and plenty of outdoor seating. Even if you are with your friends, kids, or pet, you will find this venue stunning.