Which Replacement Windows Should I Buy in Richmond VA?

Which Replacement Windows Should I Buy in Richmond VA?

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Which replacement windows should I buy For my Richmond Home?” This article is for you. Read here to learn which replacement windows to purchase.

Best  Windows To Buy in Richmond VAWindows are an awesome technology. Without them, we would either have no natural light indoors, very little natural light indoors, or highly inefficient homes.

And even with the most awesome window technology in the world, things still break down. And you eventually do need to replace those windows.

Sometimes, you just want to remodel and include more contemporary windows.

For whatever reason you want to replace your windows, you need to know about windows to choose the best replacement windows. You’re going to ask yourself, which replacement windows should I buy? And the answer is the ones you want.

  1. Should I Buy Window Replacements Or Partial Replacements For My Home in Richmond, VA?

What is the reason you’re replacing your home windows in Richmond? Is it because of a crack or a break? You may not need to replace the whole window. It may just need a partial replacement.

Partial replacements will fit in the existing master frames. This means that you won’t need to have a builder tear out your existing windows to put in new ones. Knowing that you don’t have to fully replace your windows sometimes can save you a bundle on your windows.

But if you have rotted or warped master frames, you should likely replace the windows entirely. If you leave warped or rotten frames in place, you will have a menagerie of problems coming at you.

In the summer, bugs will march right through and into your house. Your cool air will escape and your energy bills will go up.

In the winter, condensation will build up inside your house. Cool air will invade your house and your already high energy bills will go higher.

If you notice your window frames warping or rotting, now is the best time to replace your windows.

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  1. Don’t Go In Blind

In asking the question, “which replacement windows should I buy?”, you’ve already taken the first step to educating yourself on windows. We encourage all of our customers to get familiar with the process.

What kinds of windows are out there? What are the different kinds of frames and different numbers of window panes?

Your local professional contractor is knowledgeable and will be absolutely willing to answer your questions. The more knowledgeable you are, the more smoothly the process of replacing windows will be.

Researching any home improvement project first is key to getting what you want, on a budget you can afford.

  1. Is It Energy Star Qualified?

The first question you should after which windows should I buy is which windows are they Energy Star qualified?

Energy Star is a certification that a glass or appliance company can gain if their products are tested by the National Fenestration Rating Council or the NRFC.

They test five factors in window efficiency. U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Air Leakage, Visible Transmittance, and Condensation Resistance.

These five factors each have a minimal rating for inclusion as an Energy Star certified product. The NFRC does not create the standards, they only test the windows. Energy Star is the standard setting and certification company.

You need to make sure that the contractor you go with uses Energy Star certified windows. These windows will help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This will make a lower energy bill more likely.

  1. What Kinds Of Frame Materials Should I Buy?

Your frame material is both a preference and a necessity. This depends on your style.

Some people prefer a more contemporary look with slick vinyl or metal frames. Others might prefer a more homey look with solid wood frames.

If you live in a more humid climate, wood frames are more likely to rot. But if your house is well sealed and dehumidified, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Wood frames will be more expensive. So ask yourself, are you willing to pay double for the frames you want? If the answer is no, go with a more budget-friendly option like vinyl or metal.

  1. What Kinds Of Windows Are There To Buy in the Richmond Area?

The kinds of windows you buy are typically a matter of both space and preference. And it also depends on what you were replacing.

Double Hung Windows

These windows are the most popular windows. They have been popular since the 17th century.

They used to be called sash windows for each pane of glass was small and built into a larger framework with wooden or lead sashes. This would make a much larger seeming window to let in more light.

These windows are easy to clean as at least one pane folds inward to make for easy access to the other side.

Sliding Windows

These windows are typically found in apartments and smaller houses. But larger houses are adopting them as an option for installing over a patio or deck.

They are safer than double hung windows as they will not shut on unsuspecting fingers accidentally. Double hung windows have a pulley system that can break. But most double hung windows are light enough that they won’t fall and break in their frames.

With sliding windows, usually, one window is stationary while the other slides. But in some, both windows slide.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are usually more narrow than they are high. They are typically set individually into the wall and spaced apart at regular intervals.

They open with a crank or are fix in place and won’t open. They let in plenty of light and are perfect for a living room or reading area.

Awning Windows

Awning windows usually have two windows in a set. The top window is typically fixed and will not open. The bottom window is usually small and rectangular and opens on a hinge.

The upper window is for light and warmth and the bottom window is for ventilation.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows are perfect for a reading or breakfast nook. They are set at an angle from each other and open with a metal crank that will last for years and not break if you oil it regularly.


Being educated when it comes to window replacement can save you a ton of money and frustration in the end.

If you are looking to replace your windows or install new ones, get a free estimate with Paramount Builders today!

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