Which Replacement Windows Are Best in Richmond VA in 2017

Which Replacement Windows Are Best in Richmond VA – Who Makes the Best Windows 2017?

Who Makes the Best Windows 2017? If it’s time for you to have new windows installed, you want to make sure you get the best quality. Read here to see who makes the best windows in in Richmond, Virginia!

Best Replacement WindowsIt might seem that your windows last forever. And they really can last an age or more if you care for them right. But window technology advances, things do break down, and you will eventually need to replace your windows.

There are a variety of reasons why you would need to replace your windows. Perhaps they have cracked. Or maybe the frames are warping. Or maybe you have vintage windows and they no longer seal correctly.

Whatever the reason, there are a lot of options for window replacement. And you may have a hard time choosing. So, let’s take a look at who makes the best windows and what they might offer you in terms of options.

  1. Which Richmond Company Makes The Best Windows?

Let’s just get this question out of the way right off the bat. Who makes the best windows? We believe the best windows you can buy on the market right now come from Preservation Windows.

As the exclusive Preservation dealer in Virginia, we’ve hung their windows in houses for over 25 years and have never had a product complaint from our customers. They provide unsurpassed quality in vinyl windows that will fit beautifully in your home. You won’t find another window the gives you better energy-efficiency and energy conservation.

Each window from Preservation Windows is Energy Star qualified. And when we install your windows from Preservation, you receive a lifetime transferable warranty.

So, what options do Preservation Windows provide? What kinds of windows can you replace? These are the answers we’d like to answer for you. And you’ll be surprised at how many choices you have!

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  1. What Options For Replacement Window Are Available in Richmond?

With windows, the sky(light) is the limit.

Once you’ve understood who makes the best windows, you can move on to asking yourself which windows are available. And we don’t mean which windows are in stock. What types and styles are out there to pick from?

Double Hung-Windows

Double hung windows or sash windows are a classic choice. They are easy to clean and easy to operate.

The word sash comes from the original grid of windows that was the style from the 17th century onward. They featured smaller panes of glass woven together with wooden frames to create a whole window sash.

Today, the original sash window is rare. Instead, most glass manufacturers make a solid sheet of glass and place wooden sashes on top for decorative purposes. This makes the window more weather proof than its ancestor (which you can still see the old style in some houses still standing today like Ham House).

The double hung windows that Preservation windows makes uses Progressive Efficiency carbonized polystyrene insulation in their sashes and frame.

This along with heavy-duty Mylar weather stripping and a 1-inch thick insulating glass and exterior glazing, these windows will be very energy efficient window replacements.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are what you typically find in an apartment or a smaller house. But they are becoming more and more common in larger houses.

Sliding windows feature one fixed frame usually. The other frame or two slide back and forth to allow the window to open. Sometimes both panes slide allowing you to choose which side to open.

These are generally placed in apartments as they are very easy to operate and they can’t slam shut on someone like a broken double-hung window can if its pulley system is broken.

And because these windows are made from vinyl, they are super easy to slide back and forth. If you have trouble moving, these windows will make getting fresh air more accessible.

These windows are typically installed on lower levels overlooking a patio or a deck.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are great for a larger space like a dining room or a living room. They let in a large amount of light while being easy to maintain.

They are typically longer than they are wide and open and close on a crank system. The hinge system that comes with Preservation Windows is made from heavy duty steel and won’t break when operated and kept oiled.

And remember, every preservation sash and master frame are 100% recyclable. So if you do decide to replace them years down the road, you can do that conscience free.

Awning Windows

Sometimes confused with casement windows, awning windows are actually two different window styles in one.

The upper window typically does not open. It’s there to let in light and keep the house insulated. The smaller window below hangs on a hinge and opens for ventilation purposes.

These windows can be beautiful and decorative. Usually, they are installed in reading nooks and breakfast nooks where you would want plenty of light and ventilation in the summer. And an equal amount of light and insulation in the winter.

Bay/Bow Windows

Another window typically confused with casement windows is the bay window or the bow window.

These windows are typically set three or more frames and installed at an angle from each other. They usually either don’t open or open on a crank system like the casement windows mentioned above.

And like awning windows, they are typically built into reading nooks and breakfast nooks where you will want plenty of light.

Garden Windows

Ever dream of having a greenhouse, but building it is a little out of reach? There is a cheaper option that will give you the space to try and test your green thumb.

These are called garden windows and you can grow anything small enough to fit inside this little nook that you can think of.

And these beautiful additions to either a kitchen or a utility room are still energy efficient and can even add some warmth to your house in the winter.


So, again, who makes the best windows in the Richmond area? Preservation Windows. And by now you might be wondering who installs those windows. It’s your friendly neighborhood contractor, Paramount Builders.

If you’re looking to replace your windows, get a free estimate today for your Preservation windows.

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