When to Hire a Roofing Contractor

Severe weather such as hurricanes can damage even well-built roofs. It either damages the entire roof or a part of it, depending on the severity of the weather. A roof is an essential part of every building, and you can’t live without it. If you live in Newport News, VA, Paramount Builders Inc is your go-to firm. Learn information about Newport News, VA here.

You can contact our roofing contractors if;

Leaking Roof

No matter how small a hole in your roof is, it would be best if you hired a roofer. Water dripping from your roof can be dangerous to those around because it makes the floor slippery and can cause severe accidents. This leaking water can also cause stained walls and mold build-up due to moisture. We have high-quality sealants to seal the holes in your roof and prevent leaking.  Discover facts about Why We are the Most Preferred Roofing Company in Newport News, VA.

Missing Shingles

Sometimes, severe storms can detach the nails attaching the shingles of your roof. The shingles are blown away, and you have missing shingles. One should make plans to replace the missing shingles quickly. Before we replace your shingles, we thoroughly inspect your roof to know how to work on it. Our roofing contractors are experienced can replace your shingles correctly, and this gives you peace of mind.

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