Vinyl Replacement Windows vs Fiberglass Windows Virginia Beach

Vinyl Replacement Windows vs Fiberglass Windows Virginia Beach

Don’t know which window material to choose? We’re comparing vinyl replacement windows vs Fiberglass windows in Virginia Beach.

Fiberglass windows, or vinyl windows, both are good, but which is better? We submit that high-end vinyl window replacement makes good sense when it comes to new windows in Virginia Beach.

You may balk at paying for quality fiberglass and/or vinyl replacement windows. But any savings incurred via cost-cutting on cheap windows at the time of installation on windows in Virginia Beach doesn’t do you any good.

Those savings evaporate when the replacement window needs to be replaced!

Finding a good Virginia Beach window company is also a vital part of the process. If the window installer is no good, then it won’t matter how good the vinyl or fiberglass is.

If you try to save money by using cheap materials and untrustworthy replacement window companies, you will need to rectify the mistake eventually.

That brings us to another issue.

In terms of windows in Virginia Beach, the debate on vinyl windows vs. fiberglass windows for replacements continues.

Paramount Builders knows how to choose between the two.

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Vinyl Window Views of the World

Vinyl windows can cause trouble.

Yep, we admit it. The trouble occurs when they’re used to replace other types of windows, meaning windows made from other materials.

The problem with this is that vinyl replacements won’t fit those windows. It’s not vinyl’s fault. Try putting a stiletto heel on a cowboy boot.

It just doesn’t work.

In cases like these, it’s best to

  • ask for a full frame replacement
  • choose a vinyl window that makes the most of the glass area
  • pay the cost upfront rather than spend more later.

The switch to vinyl costs a little more, but in the long run, it saves money. That’s why you should think of it as affordable.

Another amazing benefit: Vinyl increases the glass area.

Also, don’t forget that vinyl looks stunning in addition to providing stunning views. These windows can be installed in a variety of styles such as

  • Slider
  • Garden
  • Double Hung
  • Casement
  • Box
  • Bow
  • Bay

as well as other colors and finishes. The vinyl won’t chip, crack, peel, rot, or warp.

Installing these vinyl windows in your Virginia Beach home not only saves money in the long term on repairs and replacements, but it saves money on energy costs.

Here’s how.

Vinyl Windows Energize Homes and Lowers Long-Term Costs

Our vinyl windows Virginia Beach feature triple-pane glass and SST foam spacer systems.

Therefore, they provide outstanding energy efficiency. This adds up to cost savings on electric bills as well as improves the green quality of your home.

And Paramount Builders, located in Virginia Beach, uses windows with BetterVue® screens. that offer superior insect protection, airflow, and visibility than standard fiberglass screens.

Imagine a summer without using yucky bug spray in your home. Why bring that hazard into your house?

Instead of treating the problem, prevent it.

These features are ideally suited for the Virginia climate and weather.

Standard fiberglass screens…well, let’s look at them.

Fiberglass Widows are Sturdy, But Murk Up the View

In reality, good windows won’t be priced like a cheap window no matter what the material. But the fact that fiberglass costs more than vinyl fails to justify their cost.

And it’s true that fiberglass windows last a long time while providing an eco-friendly solution to decor elements as well as energy costs.

But, in Virginia Beach, so do vinyl windows.

Also, fiberglass can leak, peel, and warp in ways that increase your window budget because those issues demand repair. However, vinyl windows don’t do that.

What’s the point of paying more when you can get vinyl high-quality windows Virginia Beach?

Get what you need the first time around.

Buy The Window That Works for You

Vinyl will work for your home no matter the style of your home. It will also work because you can choose options that help you pay for a high-end installation job.

It’s possible to finance a window installation so that there’s no delay on getting

  • the style you want
  • the savings you want
  • the protection you want.

All you need to do is look at our options which include

  • low rates
  • affordable payment options
  • options for deferred payments
  • revolving accounts
  • flexible terms.

Combined with the savings you get on the eco-friendly vinyl window replacements, you’ll have a green home and green pockets!

Choose Vinyl Window Replacement Via a Vibrant Industry Leader

When looking for a builder to install your vinyl replacement windows, you want to make sure to choose the best.

A company’s affiliations and awards can tell you a lot about their skills and services.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one such affiliation to look for. Companies with high BBB ratings tend to provide a better overall service. They also provide more successful executions of the job.

The Home Building Association of Richmond (HBAR) is another such affiliation.

And if the company makes the effort to support worthy causes then that shows a real concern for the community.

That’s a clear sign to go ahead and start your window replacement project.

For Your Home Windows in Virginia Beach, Paramount Builders Is Your Best Fit!

Paramount Builders wants you to enjoy your view.

We provide high-end windows that allow you to do that. Our free estimates, superb customer care, and highly trained technicians show the value of the work we do.

In addition to our excellent technicians and customer care, we also partner with some of the industry’s best known and respected designers and manufacturers.

The quality of our products never fails to make a statement that lasts. For windows, we partner with Preservation®.

Call us if:

  • cracks or rotten places show in the frame
  • cracks appear on the pane
  • the style is outdated or just not working
  • a lot of condensation or frost builds up
  • if the glass feels hot to touch in the summer
  • if the glass feels cold to the touch during winter
  • being near a window during a cold spell feels colder than the rest of the house.

We’ve been in business since 1991. Our years of experience have made us a leader in vinyl window replacement for Virginia.

Take a look at our Design Center to find a solution to your windows Virginia Beach needs. It features an extensive collection of a variety of windows for your viewing pleasure.

When you visit our website, you’ll find a coupon for an additional twenty percent off your next window project.

Contact us today for your Virginia Beach window needs today!

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