Unique Landmarks in Richmond, VA

Explore the Identity of Richmond, VA

Richmond has a few landmarks that enhance the beautiful landscape and define it as a city. Each of them has a long and rich history and some renown worldwide for their innovation and architecture. Here are a few landmarks in Richmond that you have to check out while in the city. Click here for facts about Richmond, VA. 

Monument Avenue 

This is the tallest monument in Richmond. It is a massive 630-foot structure of nothing but a human-made steel marvel. From the breathtaking views to the fantastic stories, a visit to Monument Avenue is an experience that never fails to inspire. Whether you have the whole day or just a few hours to spare, there are activities to please every member of your party.  Click here to read about Richmond, VA is an Artistic City.

Richmond Virginia Bridge

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Richmond, Virginia Bridge is more than a local treasure; it is a national one. When it was opened, it became the first all-steel-constructed bridge in Richmond. Despite being designed to allow steamboats to pass underneath, it remains aesthetically beautiful. Richmond Virginia Bridge was built of piers that held levees. They fueled turbines to the plant that powered the country’s first electric streetcar system.