Top 2015 Remodeling Trends

As 2015 comes to a close, we take a look back at the home remodeling trends that have shaped the past year. Smart home innovations are all the rage, from handle-less kitchens to outdoor living extensions. The key here is personalization and customization, with more and more homeowners looking to make their daily lives more comfortable, convenient and functional. Here are some of the trends experts have been spotting.

Handle-Less Kitchens

For a clean, contemporary look, the handle-less kitchen is taking homes by storm. There are many innovations emerging on the market today that strive to eliminate handles and pulls from anything from sinks and appliances to cabinetry and fixtures. If you like sleek, streamlined designs, you can’t go wrong with motion sensor faucets, touch-to-open coplanar pantry doors, and even advanced ready sensor kitchen faucets that automatically shut off when a pot is filled with running water, for example. Custom upper level cabinets can open and close through the simple motion of a hand wave. Patented “Knock2Open” technology illustrated by Miele’s Generation 6000 line of dishwashers allows you to knock twice on the unit to open it rather than pull a lever, points out Consumer Reports.

Outdoor Living

More and more homeowners are looking to extend their daily living to outdoor spaces that allow them to enjoy life in both cool and warm weather. Acting as extensions of the home, outdoor living spaces are emerging as a popular remodeling trend this year. A Better Homes and Gardens survey revealed that more than half of millennials are opting for outdoor fire features. From freestanding fire pits to built-in fireplaces, these designs are no longer relegated to boxy or even circular shapes. Go with an undulating design to truly make an impression. Another popular option? Outdoor pizza ovens.

Bathrooms: Big on Convenience

Perhaps the fastest area of growth in remodels is happening in the bathroom. Homeowners don’t want to be cramped any longer. They want bigger, better bathrooms that make it easier to relax and get ready in the morning without having to bump elbows with other family members. The trend is moving away from single glass-enclosed shower stalls and embracing large soaker tubs, says Realty Times. A decline in standard tubs is expected to take place in the coming year. That being said, people who love showers are keeping the concept but making it bigger and better. The idea of a single stall is declining in popularity, while the concept of a large, walk-in shower with multiple streams is quickly taking over. No one wants to shave hunched over in cramped spaces, and those who share their shower time in the morning with a partner want their own area to lather up. Hence, you’ll see more bench seating, multiple jets and large walk-in units with no traditional shower curtains needed.

Darker is Better

When it comes to color schemes, dark grays and charcoals are taking their place in the popular line-up of colors. These darker hues are slowly replacing beiges for a more sophisticated, elegant look. Sleek black tiles in the bathroom, in particular, are making a splash when it comes to remodeling trends.

Which trend will you go with?