Tips for Decorating Your Entryway for Easter

With the impending arrival of spring and Easter, it’s time to start thinking about decorating your entryway for this season of rebirth. Your front door and entryway are the perfect places to decorate for Easter because everyone can enjoy your efforts, whether visiting or simply driving by. It doesn’t take a lot to spruce up this area, too – just a few well-placed décor items can really make a difference. Here are some tips for decorating your entryway for Easter.

Easter Entryway Decorations

Rustic Charm

If you don’t want to go the pastel route, try the rustic look with a white country bench adorned with burlap pillows on the porch. Place silver pails on either side overflowing with white tulips and plenty of greenery for a splash of color. If you have an old pail or watering can, fill it with fresh tulips and hang it on your front door with a ribbon on the handle – doesn’t matter if the pail is rusted. In fact, that adds to the rustic charm!

Transform Old Easter Baskets

If your attic is full of old woven or wicker Easter baskets you don’t use anymore, repurpose them as decorations to welcome guests to your front door. Paint the basket bright pastel blue and stuff with greens, tulips, fake painted eggs, and some pussy willows for added effect. You don’t need baskets to hang Easter eggs. Just wrap plastic foam egg shapes with crepe paper, then add pastel ribbons vertically, gathering the different-sized eggs at various lengths while tying all the ribbons together.

Wreaths of all Kinds

The front door is the perfect place to hang Easter wreaths. Head to the craft store to pick up woven branch wreaths and interlace them with greenery, small flowers, glittery pastel eggs and ribbons to add a pop of festive color. If you have four such wreaths, you can even make a bunny shape, with two large circles for the body and head, and two smaller ones in oval shapes for the ears. Martha Stewart recommends attaching scarlet eggs to a silvery grape-wood wreath featuring speckled, hollowed chicken eggs and quail eggs for a true work of art.

Ode to Spring

For more of a spring-themed door decoration without the bunnies, Better Homes and Gardens suggests grabbing an old umbrella (green, pink, blue and yellow work best) and tucking in bouquets of pink tulips, greenery such as ferns and moss, and dyed egg shells with daffodils sprouting out. Tie with a polka-dotted bow about halfway, with the umbrella acting as a vase for your floral decoration. Keep flowers fresh by attaching water vials to the stems for long-lasting allure.

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