Things to do and see in Poquoson, Virginia

Poquoson, Virginia, is an incorporated town in Virginia. The city has a lot of things to see and do. This means you will have a chance to spend quality time and make unforgettable memories. The town is ideal for a group or solo tour. Newport News, VA information can be seen at this link.

The Mariners’ Museum and park 

This is an American’s National Maritime museum that comprises the USS Monitor Center, which hosts the Civil War Ironclads iconic gun turret. This museum features more than 35,000 maritime artifacts comprising paintings, ship models, and craft. It sits on a 550-acre piece of land, and it features a hiking mile and paddleboat rentals. Discover facts about Top Boat In Campgrounds Near Lackey Virginia.



This is the largest stone fort constructed in the US and completed in 1834. The fort was built for the coastal defense of the Chesapeake Bay. Additionally, it was the southernmost fort for the union during the civil war. While it’s not a high-tech exhibit, it’s interesting.


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