Theatres in Jacksonville

Theatres are one of the wonderful places to relax after the heat of the day. Taking popcorns and drinks while enjoying the beauty of movies and dramas is amazing. As a tourist to Jacksonville, you should never leave the city without visiting one or two theatres in the city. They have lots of movie centers for you to see your favorite movies and relax with your families and loved ones. Here’s a list of some of the top movie centers in Jacksonville. See further information here.

Sun-Ray Cinema

This is a very old cinema that has continued to operate to date. The Sun-Ray Cinema is classified amongst the top theatres in the city. They have lots of exciting movies to thrill you and the other residents of the city. What’s not to love about this? Learn more about Restaurants in Jacksonville.

Cinemark Tinsel and XD

Cinemark Tinsel and XD is another movie theatre for you in Jacksonville. The cinema shows varieties of exciting and interesting movies for all. In addition to this, they have spots for fast food, drinks, and pizza huts as well. Relaxing at a cinema just got better with Cinemark Tinsel and XD cinema. It’s a lot to behold.