The Wolfsnare Plantation Experience in Virginia Beach

The Wolfsnare Plantation is a family-owned, award-winning destination in Virginia Beach, VA. The Wolfsnare Plantation offers an authentic Southern experience with its plantation-style architecture and southern hospitality. With a variety of wildlife on the property, such as deer and bald eagles, this beautiful 20-acre estate will make you feel like you have entered another world. Learn more here.

The plantation is situated on the north end of Virginia Beach, near Lynnhaven Inlet and Kiptopeke State Park. The Wolfsnare Plantation offers a variety of accommodations including cottages, suites, and apartments in addition to its spacious event spaces such as the Great Room or Veranda Ballroom which accommodates up to 400 guests for seated dinners. Learn more about The Best Places to Go in Salem Virginia Beach in Virginia.

Wolfsnare Plantation provides southern hospitality by offering dinner tours with Chef Nick Tognoni at both plantations. These intimate dining experiences are perfect for groups looking for an amazing meal combined with unparalleled service. Our award-winning chef will show you all we do here at Wolfsnare while serving you a five-course feast that has been prepared from our farm-fresh produce.