The Things You Need to Know about Oilville in Virginia

Oilville in Virginia is a small town with a population of around 2,000. It has an interesting history and some very beautiful natural features. Oilville was incorporated as a town in 1872. It was originally called “Rocky Mount” until it became the oil capital of Virginia in 1902 and changed its name to “Oilville.” Today, it’s still home to many people who work on drilling rigs for oil exploration companies or those who are involved in other aspects of the business that surrounds this industry. Learn more here.

Oilville is a small town in Virginia that extends along Routes 259 and 460. It was first settled around 1830 by the family of George W. Smith and his wife, Anna Eberly Smith. The oil discovery came about when an oil well operated by Union Producing Co., which also had drilling operations nearby, blew out on January 12th, 1863 resulting in tens of thousands of barrels being spilled over into the surrounding area including into Owsley County where it flowed westward to Salt Sulphur Springs. This tragedy prompted people to search for more wells in this part of southwestern Kentucky until eight years later there were two hundred wells located here pumping approximately one million barrels each year with profits exceeding $200 million. Learn more about Reasons You Need to Visit Innsbrook in Virginia.