The Rich History of Naval Aviation Monument Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia

A great place to pay a visit is Naval Aviation Monument Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A large park is consisting of nine beautiful bronze statues portraying early maritime history, mostly WWII. The park includes an aircraft carrier in an aircraft hangar and a carrier museum. Also, each plane has a plaque on the front representing the particular pilot who flew it. The U.S. Navy runs the memorial and as a National Historic Landmark. Information concerning Virginia Beach, VA can be discovered here.

Other subjects include the historical battle iced clouds over Norfolk, the first submarine to go under the Atlantic, and the ships that sunk the Japanese battleship Wisconsin in WWII. This park also includes the most extensive naval base west of the continental US, and it was the home of the original USS Enterprise. It is a favorite among military people and their families and friends. Another great attraction of the Virgin Islands is the U.S. Naval Aviation Monument Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a must for any Naval veteran or anyone interested in Naval Aviation History. A great place to take a walk or tour in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is the Naval Aviation Monument Park. It is a small but busy park with nine bronze statues depicting various early Naval history, the Korean War, the Cold War & the modern-day. These monumental memorials noted artist Roy Lichtenstein, who also worked for the CIA and the US Army. The Park consists of two halves, an east side that reconstructs an old hangar and a west side with a memorial sculpture depicting the USS Arizona Aircraft Carrier. This Park is on Station Craft Way in Virginia Beach, right in front of the Virginia Beach Naval Base. Information about A Great Place for a Family Getaway Motor World in Virginia Beach, VA can be found here.

Other places of interest are the USS Midway Museum at Virginia Beach, Virginia, the Virginia Beach Museum and Historic House, and Virginia Air and Space Museum. The Virginia Beach Naval Aviation Monument Park was created to honor all Naval personnel who served in WWII. For those not in the know, the U.S. Pacific Fleet was formed in WWII as a replacement for the German navy, and it was considered nothing less than a military challenge. When the allied forces began to withdraw from the world, they left many essential ships, including the USS Wisconsin, which became the now-famous Midway home.