The Magnificent Lynnhaven House in Virginia Beach, VA

The Lynnhaven House in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a restored colonial mansion built by a previous American president and designed by a noted architect, is a fine example of antique architectural design and interior layout that embodies the American Revolution’s spirit. The lavish three-story parlor, foyer, formal dining room, traditional library, and family room are excellent. Well-placed windows showcase beautiful ocean views, and architectural pillars include two towering colonnades. The large front parlor even has its postage stamp for the first American postage stamp issued in America! The award-winning architectural design truly is a delight to any art lover. See more here.

Another magnificent historic house just steps from the Lynnhaven House in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The elegantly designed Boush Commercial Building is the tallest in the area, with a great ocean view. It has beautiful, two-story ceilings, a lobby decorated with mosaic chandeliers and marble columns, an ample formal dining room, and a terrace that overlooks the ocean. This three-story, fully-equipped Boush Commercial Building is a beautiful place for any business person to visit, especially if you are looking to add some oceanfront property to your growing portfolio. See here for information about Hunt Club Farm in Virginia Beach, Virginia –  Stroll Through The Natural Landscape.

If you love spending time at the beach and like to relax by the water with your loved ones, you can’t go wrong with Ocean Shore House on Lynnhaven Island in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The home has two swimming pools, a wet barbeque area, a fireplace, and a huge patio overlooking the beautiful beach. The home’s interior features many pieces of furniture, ceramics, antiques, artwork, rugs, and woodworking. The owner, Jon Bitzer, has spent many years restoring this property. He has added a second floor and a kitchen to the house’s beachside in the past few years. He also has added a patio and a covered patio that overlook the ocean.