Signs for Siding Replacement

Siding can get old, and over the years, it can fade, break, crack, leak, and rot. It is vital to catch such issues when they first start to avoid adverse damage in the long run. Here are the signs that you should replace your siding. Click here for facts about Newport News, VA.

Rotting Siding

Over the years, siding can become warped due to extreme weather conditions or rotting under layers. If your siding feels spongy or soft, it is possible that the under layer is rotting and should be replaced right away. Click here to read about the Benefits of Timely Siding Repairs.

Broken, Cracked, or Loose Siding

Broken, cracked, or loose siding should be replaced in the shortest time possible. These can be signs of a bigger problem which only gets worse and expensive to fix the longer it waits to be addressed. It is best to consult with an experienced siding company to inspect the area and recommend the best options.

Severely Faded Siding

Siding often fades over time due to weather conditions such as sunlight. Severely faded siding is a sign that the siding is outdated and already passed its life expectancy. If this is your case, the siding is not serving its purpose and should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent problems such as leaking in the future.