Shady Grove Corner, Virginia – A Unique Community

Shady Grove Corner is a unique unincorporated neighborhood in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, an area that has been called, among other things, the worst district in all of Virginia. It is a middle-class community located off Main Street in Spotsylvania County and is known for its extremely high quality of life. But what is this unique community called Shady Grove Corner? It was known as Shady Hollow for a while but was soon changed to Shady Grove Corner, later becoming known as Shady Grove about the many tract homes that once roamed this tract of land. More can be found here.


Shady Grove is a unique community where you will find very well-maintained homes surrounded by well-tended lawns, flowers, bushes, and gardens. Shady Grove also has its own airport, an amenity called roots, and a golf course. Shady Grove Corner is known for its excellent schools, and the only elementary-secondary school is named the Best Choice in Virginia. The neighborhood is home to multiple businesses such as car dealerships and banks, and several other companies. Shady Grove Corner, sometimes referred to as Shady Hollow, is an unincorporated neighborhood in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. This neighborhood was made famous by the television show The Shady Grove Corner, which focused on a family living in a run-down house in Shady Grove, Virginia, and portrayed them as the best of the worst people in America. Although some real estate properties are for sale in this neighborhood, most of the area’s attractions and activities have not attracted many people to live there or purchase property in this area. This is a sad indication of the condition of the neighborhood. Learn more about Olivers Corner, Virginia – The Ideal Place for You.

Shady Grove Corner was one of the original communities set up in the Centre County area of Virginia, which was created after the boundaries of the new state were established in 1777. This area was named after the first owner of the land, Captain James Shady Grove, who described the area as a small village where residents would go fishing and take long walks in the woods. The community made it a point to observe all wildlife, including deer, squirrels, mice, and all other types of creatures. Shady Grove Corner has served its purpose as a fishing haven, golfing community, school system, shopping center, and even a national park! Shady Grove Corner is still a place where people go today to enjoy a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, surrounded only by trees and the occasional wild animal.