Replacement Windows To Buy – Virginia Beach

Which Replacement Windows Should You Buy From Virginia Beach Companies?

There are many important qualities to consider when buying replacement windows. Learn which replacement windows in Virginia Beach to buy here!

Choosing The Best Window

Before you start making waves in the Atlantic Ocean, take note of what mother nature has in store for Virginia Beach.

This includes a cooler than normal summer, higher than average rainfall in the north, and tropical storms from mid-June to late August.

Now, still think your home’s windows in Virginia Beach are going to be able to withstand all of that?

So before you pack the taffy, beach towels, and sunscreen, give your home some SPF, too.

Good, long-lasting replacement windows are not something to skip on, as they’ll last you a long time. As with most things, make sure you look for high¬†quality products, and compare prices from trusted companies.

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Choosing The Right Replacement Windows in Virginia Beach – The Homeowners Primer

Whether this is your first time replacing windows in your Virginia Beach home or it’s been so long you can’t remember the process, let us give you a¬†couple of points of interest:

  • First up, obviously, you’ll either notice you need to replace the windows by drafts, leaks, or cracks, or you’ve been following your home’s timeline and know it’s time to switch them out.
  • The old windows will need to come out first, and no, they don’t just pop out in one piece. You need to make sure to keep your home’s trim intact (as it needs to be able to support the new windows) and salvage any part of the frame and/or glass you may want to keep
  • Select a custom style or pre-made windows to fit your home. Think about what style you’ll want, including sliders, casement, single/double hung (the good old standard).
  • Don’t forget about the window treatments!
  • Look for quality windows from a trusted Virginia Beach company.

Even More Window Options

Now that we’re becoming a much more eco-focused society, we can see this reflected (haha, get it?) in our windows, too.

Many windows come in energy-efficient options. You may pay a higher price but consider it an investment, because they will end up saving you money over the length of time they’re in the home.

You’ll also need to give some thought to warranties, and there may be a separate warranty just for the glass itself.

Why Replace For Home Windows?

It can seem like you’re throwing away money to replace windows in Virginia Beach homes when the windows themselves don’t¬†seem like they need a replacement.

No obvious cracks, holes, spider webs and they open just fine.

Well, old windows don’t keep heat in very well, and while that may seem like a blessing during the broiling Virginia Beach summers, you’re going to be shivering during the winter.¬†Heat escapes through windows¬†like this:

  • Heat will escape along with air with any kind of crack or problem with the window itself, including poor installation where the window and trim are not married into a perfect, sealed fit.
  • Heat will escape through a window (somewhat ghost-like!) if the window is too thin or not built to withstand low temperatures.
  • Heat will actually be pulled to the cold window – away from your body and other parts of your home that need it – by a poorly designed piece of glass.

It’s not your fault, your home may have been built with non-heat conducting window frames and parts.

But you can see that even if you have “OK” windows, they’re probably not operating as best as they could to protect you and your home.

When to Replace The Windows in Your House

So you are beginning to realize it may be time to replace the windows, but just don’t think you have time.

Here’s the reality: It’s usually never a great time.

Something will always come up, either to take your time or money away from the window project.

From what we’ve seen, here are some¬†other times¬†that have spurred people on to replacing their windows in Virginia Beach:

  • After a big storm or weather event (like the¬†March 31, 2017, tornado¬†that damaged 200 homes, causing 12 to be condemned), many people think – or are forced to think – about replacing their windows. But really, why wait? You’ll have so much else to think about in a disaster.
  • They notice their energy bills are skyrocketing. Mother Nature can suck out your heat and air conditioning without you even noticing until you get your bill and it’s up to 25% higher than usual!
  • They’re already replacing, fixing, adding on, or working on other parts of their homes, so they just add the windows to the shopping list.
  • Some homeowners do a window update as they prep their homes for sale to add to the value and attractiveness of the home and edge out competitors nearby.

High Quality Windows in Virginia Beach Don’t Come Cheap

This is a good thing, trust us.

You don’t want cheap windows unless you want to go through the replacement process over and over again, plus have high energy bills and other home issues. Buy cheap and you get cheap. There’s just no getting around it.

But there’s good news. The country’s Cost vs Value report shows that homeowners can recoup quite a bit of their window replacement costs just by the energy savings.

And Virginia is one of the highest recoup levels! We sampled the savings for ourselves and entered 2017 for the year and chose, of course, Virginia.

The chart shows that Virginians recouped an average of 77.8% of their window replacement cost for vinyl (this is higher than the national average of 73.9%) and recouped 74.1% of the cost for replacement wood windows (higher than the national average of 73.0%).

If you can picture that, you’re actually only paying one-quarter of the cost your windows builder quoted you. Now, that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

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