Replacement Windows For Older Homes in Richmond VA

Replacement Windows For Older Homes in Richmond VA

People with older homes in Richmond may not know what their options are when it comes to replacement windows. This guide to windows will help.  

You have a beautiful older home in Richmond, Virginia, but your current windows may not be sufficient.

Maybe you’re trying to update a historical home. Or perhaps your older home’s windows are no longer functional.

In the Richmond area modern windows have come a long way, and it may be time for an upgrade.

If you’re in the market for replacement windows for older homes, there are options.

We’re here to show you how you can begin replacing your older home’s windows.

The problem with windows in older homes in Richmond

A lot of people believe that if it isn’t broken, you shouldn’t fix it.

So why the need to replace windows in older homes?

Many people in Richmond choose to renovate their home by starting with the windows.

A lot of times, the reason is purely cosmetic.

However, windows in older homes can be more than just an eyesore.

When older homes were originally built, the windows were not built to withstand years of wear and tear.

They were also not equipped for some of the changes that have occurred over the years.

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Older Windows Are Potentially Harmful

In many cases older windows in Richmond have been painted with lead paint. Lead paint has been known to be harmful if it starts chipping away.

Once lead paint has started chipping, the dust from the paint can carry throughout your home. This can be damaging if inhaled or ingested.

Old Windows Are Not Economically Friendly

They are also not usually economically friendly. This can mean that you’ll end up paying more in heating and cooling bills.

Windows in an old home generally don’t have the insulation needed to keep the home either cool or warm.

Newer windows will have weatherstripping which will prevent air from leaking around your windows.

Inconvenient and Difficult to Open Windows

Older windows in Richmond, VA houses are usually difficult to open. If you’ve ever tried opening an old window you may have struggled a bit.

Once you have them open, they are not able to stay that way unless something keeps them propped open.

This can be solved by replacing your older windows.

Replacing Your Older Windows with a Richmond Contractor

So you’ve decided that you are replacing your older windows.

The next step in the process is determining the type of windows you’ll be using in our older home.

There are several options in Richmond for you to choose from.

Before you choose the types of windows you’ll add to your home, consider these factors:

Time Period

If your older home is considered historical, you want to make sure you’re replacing your windows that support the original time period of the home.

Think about what type of materials and styles would fit with the time period. You should also take a look at the colors that would work well with the style of your home.

Are there any decorative elements that would be appropriate for your home? You’ll need to take these small details into account when choosing your new windows.

Window Glass Type

There are several glass types for you to choose from. Some different types of glass:

  • Reflective – This type of class reduces UV rays from filtering into your home.
  • Impact resistant  – When glass breaks, it shatters. This type of glass will not shatter when broken.
  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) – This type of glass also has a coat that prevents heat from filtering into your home.


There are various types of materials you can use when replacing your older windows.

Some of these materials include:

  • Vinyl – Most popular are vinyl windows which generally do not require a lot of upkeep. Vinyl windows are extremely durable, easy to operate/clean, and require no maintenance.
  • Wood – The perk of this material is that it can be painted to suit the style of your home. It can also give a very natural look to your home. Unfortunatly, rotting is not uncommon, and ongoing maintenance will be necessary.
  • Aluminum – This type of material is durable which is one aspect of its appeal.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass windows are durable and can withstand all types of weather. They are generally very low-maintenance windows, but typically are known to be very expensive.

Each of these materials can be beneficial to the beauty of your home. It simply depends on the style you are looking to achieve.

Window Type

When you’re replacing your new windows, you have the option to choose the window type.

Window types include:

  • Fixed – These types of windows do not open. They are merely for allowing light into a room.
  • Double-hung – Double-hung windows allow both the top and bottom of the window to open. This way you can allow a breeze in.
  • Casement – Windows in this category are hinged on either side. This way you can open both sides of the window.
  • Sliding – Sliding windows allow you to open them by sliding to the left or right.
  • Awning – Awning windows are hinged at the top. Once opened, the window swings outward.


Replacing your windows can be done in a couple different ways.

  • Inserts – If you’re trying to preserve your home’s original woodwork or window frame, this may be the type of method you should choose. New window panes are inserted directly into the original framework.
  • Frame replacement – This type of replacement includes taking both the window pane and the original framework out. This would be an ideal option if there is serious damage to the original window.
  • Replace the sash – This option would be appropriate if only the sash of your window is damaged.

These methods would be dependent on the look you’re trying to achieve. It also depends on the condition of your home’s original windows.


Updating the look of windows in older homes in Richmond is a huge undertaking.

You must consider the pros and cons of keeping older windows or simply replacing them.

If you are choosing to replace windows in older homes, you have to take into consideration the style of your home.

You also should consider the type of glass you’ll use in your new windows.

What types of windows will you choose?

All of these options can be overwhelming.

If you’re struggling to decide how to replace the windows in your older home, reach out to a home improvement contractor who will be able to weight the options with you.

These professionals have the experience needed to replace your older home’s windows.

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