Questions To Ask When Hunting for a Roofing Contractor

A new roof installation is a significant investment. Done right, a new roof will increase your property’s value and give you the utmost peace of mind. Done wrong, it can drain your bank and lead to expensive interior or exterior damage. Therefore, if it is time to install a new roof, you should make sure you are hiring the best contractor for the job. More about Newport News, VA can be seen here.


Paramount Builders Inc. has listed some of the questions you should ask before you decide to hire a roofing company:

What Type of Work Do You Specialize in?

It may sound obvious, but it is vital to ensure that the contractor you choose is an expert in roofing. A new roof is not the kind of job you would want to award to a general contractor or handyman. You should settle on a contractor who has a long track record of installing new roofs, time after time. Click here to read about Reasons To Hire a Certified Roofing Company.


How Long Have You Worked in the Roofing Industry?

We all start somewhere, but would you want your roof to be the guinea pig for a new roofing company? Ask your ideal contractor how long they have been in practice and how long the contractors handling your installation project have worked in the industry. At Paramount Builders, we have many years of experience and have a well-established track record of delivering top-notch quality roof installations in the industry.