Poquoson, Virginia is More Than Just a Vacation Spot


Poquoson, Virginia, is located on the James River, in the James River valley, approximately east of Richmond and north of Blenheim. Poquoson is a beautiful place to live in Virginia. It is about an hour’s drive from Washington, D.C. and three hours drive from Virginia Beach, Virginia. The major attraction when living in Poquoson is the historic downtown area, which is lined with lovely shops, art galleries, and historic buildings. Poquoson is also home to several festivals that bring residents even more enjoyment. Further facts about Chesapeake, VA can be found here.


Poquoson is a historic city that has many contributions to its heritage. In 1776 Captain George Vancouver, one of Virginia’s earliest settlers first described this area in his diary. In 1780 General George Lee wrote about the dear old town of Poquoson. Poquoson was considered one of the greatest American cities, according to the traveler and author Henry Clay Packer. Poquoson, Virginia, is a popular destination for tourists because of its beautiful scenery, amazing beaches, and beautiful little shops that have items for souvenirs. Poquoson has been voted one of Virginia’s best places to live by the American Society of Metals and Designers. You can get all the information you need to plan your trip to Poquoson at the county clerk’s office, public library, police station, or the Virginia Zoo and Aquarium. Information about What Are the Most Popular Destinations in Norfolk, Virginia can be found here.

Poquoson is located on the shores of Lake Wohlford. In terms of attractions, Poquoson has a lot of wonderful things to see and to do. Poquoson is also very close to Virginia Beach, a popular destination for tourists. The history of Poquoson dates back several hundred years when it was discovered that Native Americans had made houses and farms on land that is now part of Virginia Beach. Today, you can find remnants of Poquoson’s early history in the form of colonial architecture. The city is also known for its annual Poquoson Virginia Wine Festival. Poquoson is also the home to the annual Chesapeake Classic Mountain Bike Rally. This historic town is a great place to live for anyone looking for beautiful mountain scenery, a large number of outdoor activities, arts, culture, history, and great food! Poquoson, Virginia, is more than just a Virginia Beach vacation spot!