Outdoor Attractions in Laurel, Virginia

Discover where you can dine, places to stay, and things to do when you visit Laurel Fork. With a few ideas below, you can get your way around Laurel, Virginia. Visit this link for more information.

Picnic Area at Groundhog Mountain

If you want a perfect spot to enjoy the great outdoors as you enjoy a hearty picnic meal with delightful scenery, you will like the Blue Ridge Parkway’s mountain setting. There are outdoor grills with many picnic tables. You can also access the walking areas like the Groundhog Mountain observation tower. Also available is a restroom facility and 3,035 ft Groundhog Mountain elevation. Read about Local Attractions in Montpelier, Virginia here.

Pilot Mountain Scenic Overlook

When you visit the Blue Ridge Parkway, you will enjoy 30 miles of scenery along this stretch within Carroll County. From 1-77 at Fancy Gap, visitors can access the parkway that the county offers. When you travel north of the park, they can enjoy the elevated perspective. Andy Griffith’s “Mt Pilot” made Pilot Mountain famous, and you will see it from 12 miles to the southwest. 

Maples Restaurant & The Tavern

Maples Restaurant is located at 2258 Stone Mountain Road, and it boasts an extravagant seafood feast every other Friday night and opens from 5:30 – 9:30, Wednesday to Saturday. You can enjoy some of its features like Tales of Suspense Mystery Dinner, Wine Wednesday, Deck summer music series, and much more.