Notable Sights & Landmarks Around Chesapeake, VA

Places You Don’t Want to Miss Out

Every city has that specific landmark that everyone in the world identifies them with. Take New York, for example; a trip there would be incomplete without a stop by the statue of liberty. London has Big Ben, while Paris and Dubai have the Eiffel Tower and Burj Khalifa, respectively. While Chesapeake may not be as famous as these cities, they too have a few notable landmarks that most people associate them with. Chesapeake, VA information can be seen at this link.

Mount Pleasant Farms

Famously known for their Upick Peach Orchard that is usually available between the months of June and August, Mount Pleasant Farms is the go-to play area for your children to play on. They also have an animal petting zoo with a feed machine, which simply adds to the fun. Other activities include a strawberry patch for picking, which is available in the spring, and during Fall time, they have Pumpkin picking, Wagon rides, and a Corn maze. Discover facts about Movie Theatres In Chesapeake, VA Worth Checking Out.

South Norfolk Jordan Bridge

This is Coastal Virginia’s tallest bridge and stretches across the Elizabeth River’s Southern Branch. The bridge offers sweeping, panoramic views from its soaring architectural curves that you are guaranteed to enjoy, a must-visit sight if you ask me.

A trip to Chesapeake, wouldn’t be complete without one of these sights.