Newport News, VA is Kid-friendly Town

Kid-Centric Activities in Newport News, VA

An excellent holiday destination should not only be fun-filled but should have friendly activities for the young ones. And Newport News takes excellent care of such cases while offering the best fantastic fun opportunities for everyone. Click here for facts about Newport News, VA.

Some of the best spots to consider are.

Peninsula SPCA

Looking for a fun and adventurous place to take the kids over the weekend? You can’t find a better place to visit than the Peninsula SPCA. This is a popular open-door animal shelter nestled in a lush green environment. The kids will be excited and thrilled to see different animals such as peacocks, goats, alpacas, and sheep. If you have a keen eye, you might spot tortoises or Shadow, the black leopard. Click here to read about Newport News, VA is a Historic Town.

The Living Museum

The Virginia Living Museum is often said to be the jewel in the state’s crown and is the place to come if you love nature and all things related to wildlife. The museum is a showcase of local flora and fauna, and you will find diverse species like bald eagles, red wolves, and sea turtles here. The exhibits here run from areas of swampland to coves and inlets, and there is also an observatory on site.