Newport News, VA is Chock-Full of Museums 

Fun-Filled Museums in Newport News, VA

One thing that defines Newport News best is the existence of various museums. If you or the young ones are looking for some museum funds, below are the best places to consider. Learn information about Newport News, VA here.

Mariner’s Museum

Explore and learn about global maritime history at the Mariner’s Museum. The museum boasts an enormous gallery space with a wide variety of marine artifacts. Inside, you explore an extensive collection of artifacts, including intriguing models of ships, maritime paintings, carved figureheads, and working steam engines, among others. It also comes with a well-equipped research library, and you can gather useful naval information. Discover facts about Top-Rated Fun Centers In Newport News, VA.

U.S Army Transportation Museum 

Have you ever asked yourself what the life of military soldiers is like? In Newport News, Virginia, there is no better place to quench your curiosity. If you are a military enthusiast, the collections at this museum will excite you. The museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and showcasing military artifacts. Different exhibits portray horse riding in the early days and sophisticated military engines today. There is a wide range of models of helicopters, trains, and boats. Moreover, the museum has outdoor and indoor galleries showcasing eclectic antique equipment.