Newport News, VA is an Outdoor Hub

Enjoying the Outdoors in Newport News, VA

If having fun is on your bucket list of to-do things, Newport News is one of the cities you will be sure to do so. The town presents vast options of outdoor fun alternatives, and just as you may prefer it, the choice on what to pursue is all yours. Visit this link for more information.

Explore Bike Trails

 In Newport News, bike trails range from leisurely to challenging, but there’s one thing they have in common: scenic views. Six bike trails fall under the category of recreation, mountain, or road biking, located throughout the City. Read about Newport News, VA is a Dining Paradise here. 

Enjoy Hiking Trails

Located in Mariners’ Museum Park, the Noland Trail is a tranquil wooden trail surrounding Lake Maury. This lovely rustic trail has been a small paradise for people who love hiking and mingling with nature. It’s well-maintained and cleaned, and it would be a safe place to come with the kids for a nature walk. People always find it inspiring to go and jog along this trail while they get to breathe fresh air as they exercise. You can also stop by the James River and enjoy the romantic sight of its calm waters.