Newport News, VA is a Historic Town

Newport News is a History Buff City

Like most towns with a history to define their progress and past, Newport News is not different. If you are looking to explore more about Newport News history, below are some of the top spots to visit for more details. See more here.

Lee Hall Mansion

Lee Hall Mansion is a historic structure nestled in a gorgeous plantation that used to be the home of a prominent planter, Richard D. Lee. If you would love to roll back the years to the 1800s, this is an excellent place to start. The structure is a charming brick house built in the Victorian style with a lush green compound. Take a tour of the interior and explore a collection of unique exhibits like period antiques. You will find a knowledgeable staff that will enlighten you about the cultural significance of this historic building. See here for information about Newport News, VA is an Eventful Town.

Endview Plantation

Endview Plantation used to be the home of Dr. Humphrey Harwood Curtis. Before this rustic structure was transformed into a hospital during the Confederate times, the doctor used to carry out his medical business. Today, the building serves as a museum that showcases and teaches visitors how different historical and cultural practices have shaped this city.