Having New Windows Installed in Your Fredericksburg, VA, Home Will Keep Drafts Out

Are your home’s windows old and worn out? Do you feel drafts coming through them during the colder months? If so, it’s likely time to have new windows installed. Paramount Builders can help you get the most out of your window replacement by installing energy-efficient windows in your home. We have been improving energy efficiency and comfort for homeowners in the Fredericksburg, Virginia, area for more than 25 years, and we’d be happy to help you next.

New Windows Fredericksburg, VA Why Have New Energy-Efficient Windows Installed?

The vinyl replacement windows we install have been rigorously tested and proven to enhance energy efficiency. They are crafted from low-conductive vinyl and feature insulated glass packages with energy-saving foam spacer systems. This makes them up to 66 percent more thermally efficient at the edge of the glass than windows made with conventional aluminum spacers. Additionally, your new windows will:

  • Be tightly sealed around the edges to prevent air transfer and draftiness
  • Insulate your home, helping it stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Lessen your HVAC system’s workload, prolonging its lifespan and potentially lowering your energy bills

And, unlike many other types of home windows, your new windows will prevent condensation around the edges. This protects the windows’ frames as well as any surrounding woodwork, curtains, and drapes from potential water damage.

Learn More With a Free Consultation

We encourage you to contact Paramount Builders with any questions concerning our replacement windows, and would be happy to provide a free consultation to help you learn more. Our window specialists will bring samples to your Fredericksburg, VA, home, give a detailed explanation of the energy-efficient properties your new windows will feature, and provide financing and warranty information. Call today to get started.