Museums Around Henrico, VA You, Can Check Out

One for The Museum Lovers

If you enjoy a good museum tour, then this is the one for you. Henrico isn’t quite famous for out-of-this-world science and industrial museums, but there sure are a few good ones that any museum lover would enjoy. Most of them tend to provide a learning opportunity for kids and adults alike, and you are guaranteed to come out of the place more knowledgeable than you came in. Here are some of those options. Visit this link for more information.

The Science Museum of Virginia

The guests will get hooked to unique learning experiences such as the Science Museum of Virginia. Housed in Broad Street Station, a former passenger rail station, the Science Museum of Virginia has experiential exhibits, remarkable artifacts, interactive technologies, innovative programs, dynamic films, impressive live animals, and exciting lab demos. Whether you are a thinker, tinkerer, creative, or full-on science geek, the museum is almost perfect for you. Read about Historic Sites in Henrico, VA here.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

If you enjoy artistic showings, then this is perfect for you. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is small but chock full of treasures. They have various exhibits available for viewing, and you are set to spend a few good hours exploring and enjoying the place. The staff are also accommodating and friendly and can guide you properly.

 If you love museums, then these options are certainly for you.