Movie Theatres In Chesapeake, VA Worth Checking Out

One for The Theatre Lovers

A movie night out is always a great idea of fun. From family nights out to date nights and even a night out with your friends, you can never go wrong with a movie night out. If you are visiting Chesapeake, bored in your hotel, and have no idea of what to do, movie night might just be the solution to your problem. The following are some of the best movie theatres in the area. More can be found here.

Cinema Café

From quality customer service to polite staff and a decent snack bar, Cinema Café has everything you need in a movie theatre. There is also ample parking space, and despite being popular among the locals, you will never experience any problems concerning overcrowding or long lines. The only thing you have to do is arrive early enough to get your preferred sitting position. Learn more about Fun Activities To do Around Chesapeake, VA.

Regal Greenbrier Stadium 13

With several screens and a good selection of movies, Regal Greenbrier Stadium 13 never fails to disappoint. Inside, the seating is very comfortable and is set up in a way that regardless of where you are sitting, the viewing will be perfect. Sound is also good, and there isn’t a bad word that could be said about the theatre.

Your movie nights will never be the same once you’ve tried these out.