Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Siding Contractor

We have all heard stories about bad contractors who duped a friend or the substandard work a loved one received because they hired the wrong person for the job. But nobody thinks the same could happen to them. If you do not do your due diligence before hiring a siding company, you might be the cautionary tale a relative or friend shares. Here are common mistakes you should avoid. Visit this link for more information.

Not Insisting on a Written Estimate

A written estimate is vital because it protects the parties in an agreement. If your contractor is unwilling to give you a written contract or estimate for the project, it makes sense not to proceed with the deal at all. Refusing to put everything in writing could be a sign that the company does not intend on honoring the contract. Read about Tips for Choosing the Best Siding Company here. 

Not Asking for a Warranty

Siding contractors with confidence in their craftsmanship cannot hesitate to offer warranties on their products and services. Some siding companies will even be willing to offer a warranty of more than ten years, depending on the size of the project.

Choosing the Cheapest Quote

Do not fall into the trap of choosing a siding company based on the cheapest quote. Your contractor might be cutting corners to offer you a lower price, but you might end up paying for these costs in more repairs in the future.