Memorial Parks and Sites in Jacksonville

Exploring the various memorial parks in the city of Jacksonville is one to anticipate. Let’s see some of the most beautiful memorial parks and sites in the city. Discover more about Jacksonville, FL here.

Kingsley Plantation

This plantation is one of the ways to tell the story about the history of Florida. The plantation started in the early nineteenth century and the major workers were slaves. To date, it has the thatched houses occupied by the slaves during that era. The plantation is easy to navigate through without the services of a tour guide. Discover facts about Historical Sites in Jacksonville.

Hugenot Memorial Park

This is a combination of park and beach areas in one spot. The Hugenot Memorial Park is a great area to observe the beauty of the ocean and also enjoy the benefits of visiting a park. More so, one interesting fact about the Hugenot Memorial Park is the availability to enjoy a drive-through of the park. In the entire Jacksonville area, it is the only park that has this advantage. So, if you won’t be alighting to walk around the park, your car cannot fit in for this purpose. You still can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the view in the car.