Interesting Roof Designs & Signs

We’ve all seen famous roofs like Target with its signature red bulls-eye or the bright red top to the Red Roof Inn, but how can you scale down your own unique version of an interesting roof design and sign for your home or business? Let’s take a look at some appealing roof designs and signs that grab the eye and make you take notice. These are some grand examples, but may serve as inspiration for you.

Green Roofs

You’ve probably heard of green roofs before – white coating roofs that are designed to reflect the sun’s rays. However, you can have an actual green roof of grass and plants. This charming garden shed roof takes advantage of storm water run-off and puts it to good use. On a much grander scale, the Ford Rouge Center features a huge living roof that grows atop the Dearborn Truck Plant final assembly building, spanning more than 454,000 square feet. This makes it one of the largest living roofs on the planet, translating to a 10-acre garden. Not only does it collect rainfall, it’s planted with sedum which reduces the heat effect. This living roof is expected to last twice as long as a traditional roof!

unique roof design
Image Credit: Huffington Post

Natural Resources

This stone roof shown by The Huffington Post was built to cascade down four layers of rock. This unique circular home was designed by Sal Balsamo using an overwhelming abundance of natural materials, including the interior walls, a waterfall and fireplace. Another tribute to nature — The Mushroom House of Bethesda – features a concrete roof that bends and curves to mimic the look of fungi. Natural light is encouraged through several strategically placed skylights.

Unusual Patterns

If you’re ever in the Burgundy region of France for a wine tasting, drop by the Hospices in Beaune. These hospitals and health care facilities, created in the 15th century, boast beautiful zig-zag patterns with colors that are sure to catch your eye. Another unique roof pattern exists on the Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Roughly translated to “Heavenly Mother” in Cantonese, this temple features roof accents ranging from multi-colored tiles to curves to dragons.


No matter how beautiful a roof is, it should above all be functional. Take the white domed roofs of Santorini in Greece. These white-washed limestone roofs reflect the sun’s rays in order to keep the buildings cool inside. Because it doesn’t rain much there, cisterns are placed around the roofs to harness rainwater rather than gutters.

Throughout the country, there are famous signs atop commercial roofs that serve not only as advertisements but as landmarks as well. From Honey Dew Donuts and the Citco Sign at Fenway Park in Boston to Budweiser and Swatch, roofs and their accompanying signage can really grab the attention of passerby and photographers alike.

We hope these ideas serve as inspiration for you as you design your own new roof! Call Paramount Builders at 888-340-9002 for help with design ideas.