Interesting Information About Francis Land House in Virginia Beach, VA

The Francis Land House, also known as Rose Hall, is a historic brick home located inside the Rose Hall District on Virginia Beach, Virginia, which the famous Land family has owned for over a century. It originally was the original plantation residence of the influential Land family, a well-known founding family of Virginia. It was built during the late 18th century by the Land family’s youngest son, Francis Land. Further facts about Virginia Beach, VA can be found here.

As it is known, the Francis Land House, or Rose Hall, is an authentic historic brick residence located inside the Rose Hall Historic District in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was initially the largest plantation residence of the influential Land family, prominent figures in Virginia’s Colonial history. It served as a boarding school and a prison during the American Revolution. The beautiful architecture and interior design have been there through the decades, and visitors often comment that the house’s interior reminded them of their childhoods. Tourists often marvel at the lovely lawn, garden, and patio. Information about Have a Relaxation in First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, VA can be found here.

The Francis Land House have the renovation in the mid-twentieth century. The family retained much of their old house plan, including two large and beautiful Georgian Townhouses on the first floor and the parlor’s lower level. The first building, a structure that later became a restaurant, served as a reception area and then a living room. The upper part of the parlor became a large family room with a library and several guest rooms. The entire Francis Land House was redesigned by new ideas of using natural materials, specifically brick and natural stone, to make the house more energy-efficient.