How to Choose Vinyl Siding Color

Changing your siding color can impact your home’s value and your feeling about your home. Whether you go for a new siding type or a fresh paint job, you can make your exterior stand out or bring out your home’s best features. The current hue combination in your trim will determine the best siding color. You can consider some of these tips to help give you the right direction if you are stuck on which siding colors to choose. More about Richmond, VA can be seen here.

Your Home Architecture

You can get the guide to choose your preferred siding color through your home’s style. Homeowners typically paint Colonial homes with classic, single colors like white. Therefore, there can be a modern yet subtle twist to that traditional scheme with unusual accents. You can have more freedom with siding colors for your home with a country or cottage. Click here to read about Boost Curb Appeal With These Home Siding Colors.

Are You Updating or Building New Home Exterior?

You can choose a new siding profile close to your current features if you want to replace your home’s existing siding. However, you can mix and match siding profiles for a color scheme or stand-out character with major curb appeal if you are constructing a new home. Try vertical siding with a smooth finish if you love a farmhouse-style exterior. You can also consider shingle siding or beaded lap siding if you want coastal or cottage style.