Historic Sites in Henrico, VA 

A Town Rich in History

There is no doubt that Virginia is one of the states in America with a rich history dating back to the pre-civil war period. No city was much more than Henrico. The city takes a lot of pride in its history. The locals try their best to ensure that they pass as much to the upcoming generations as possible. That is why there are a few historical landmarks in the area. If you are trying to familiarize yourself with the city’s history, the following places are worth checking out. More about Henrico, VA can be seen here.

B Stuart Yellow Tavern Memorial

It is a monument erected to honor the late J.E.B. Stuart, a veteran of the civil war. He was wounded in the Battle of the Yellow Tavern, which took place in what is today known as Northern Henrico. If you would like to learn more about the civil war and how it affected the locals, this is the perfect place. Click here to read about Best Places to Go for A Night Out in Henrico, VA.

Fort Harrison Battlefield

Another war memorial, Fort Harrison Battlefield, is reminiscent of some of the battles between the Confederate soldiers back in the late 1800s. Several signs provide useful information to any visitors who might be interested. 

If you are a history buff, these places are guaranteed to tickle your fancy.