Have a Relaxation in First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, VA

First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia, offers lovely outdoor recreational opportunities in Cape Henry’s city in the coastal town of Virginia Beach. It consists of over five miles of sandy beach. This park is ideal for those seeking a respite from the city’s hectic lifestyle. As the first officially planned state park of Virginia Beach, First Landing State Park provides outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities at Cape Henry in Virginia Beach. Visit this link for more information.

The beach at First Landing State Park has several marinas and luxury yachts privately owned. Located just near the Oceanfront, this state park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Virginia Beach. Many visitors to this popular beach vacation spot love the peaceful atmosphere and intimate atmosphere that the park shares with its visitors. The First Landing State Park has also made arrangements with local vendors who offer everything from souvenirs, gift shops, restaurants, two restrooms, and rental car services. This beautiful beachfront park is near the boardwalk and is also near the Ocean Breeze Waterpark. The entire park area is also very close to Virginia Beach hotels and condo rentals. The scenery in this state park is like no other, and there are seven different native species of birds and over one hundred and fifty different species of insects that you can view in these parks. Read about Appreciate The Architectural Features of Ferry Plantation House in Virginia Beach, VA here.

Located near the quaint town of Virginia Beach on the beautiful shoreline is First Landing State Park. The park contains various natural terrain, including shaded hills, dramatic cliffs, rugged terrain, and beautiful beaches. It is the perfect site to take a vacation while remaining in touch with nature. At First Landing State Park, the sandy beach makes it one of the most attractive locations to plan a Virginia Beach vacation trip.