Choosing the Right Gutter Colors and Styles Can Affect Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Gutter Colors and Styles

Deciding to have new gutters installed on your East Coast region home requires more thought than you might think. Just as with any other home improvement project you undertake, there are different choices you will have to make to get the outcome you want. For gutters, you’ll have to decide on a color and style that suits your home’s exterior appearance.

Gutter Colors

There are plenty of color options out there. Of course, the exact colors available may depend on the installer or contractor you work with and the material of the gutter. Having so many options can be a major positive, as it gives you a chance to find one that makes sense for your home’s overall appearance. However, it can also be difficult to choose if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

It’s important to keep the big picture in mind when you’re picking a gutter color. Think about your home’s exterior appearance and how you want your gutters to fit into that. One option is to pick a gutter color that matches the roof, while another route is to choose a hue that works well with the colors of your siding and trim.

Finally, you could choose gutters that contrast with your home’s exterior. You can get a complementary shade – one that’s much lighter or much darker – to offset whatever colors are featured on the roof, trim, and siding.

Gutter Styles

If the color of your gutters is important, then so is the style. There are a variety of style options out there, with the most common being half-round. Due to its curved walls, this style drains more effectively than options with squarer walls. However, for a gutter that will handle more runoff than the half-round option, you can go with the K-Style, another popular choice among homeowners.

Shape isn’t the only aspect that factors into style. The material your gutters are made out of is an important factor to consider as well. Research the advantages and disadvantages of copper, aluminum, and vinyl gutters so you know which material will work best for you. Copper is great for style and beauty, while vinyl can be highly durable and long-lasting. Aluminum gutters tend to offer the best of both worlds, with timelessly attractive appearances and impressive durability.

Gutter Installations with Paramount Builders

Paramount Builders is a family-owned business that has been operating since 1991. We have years of knowledge and experience in exterior home improvement, so you can be confident we’ll handle your gutter installation properly. What’s more, we offer different gutter colors and styles to suit your preferences.

For more information on gutter options with Paramount Builders, contact us today.