Glendie, Virginia – The Hottest Weekend For Cycling in the Southeast

Glendie, Virginia, is a quaint little tourist town that has some beautiful attractions. The city is about a two-hour drive from Richmond and has a lot to offer tourists who want to see a little history or enjoy a little shopping in a small town. Glendie has initially been a hunting and fishing town until bought by a lady whose husband owned a dry goods store. Since the city thrived on tourism, she opened the Glendie Historic Site and began preserving as many Civil War artifacts as possible. You can see the remains of a Civil War horse statue at the Glendive, Visitors’ Center, a National Park wagon, and a Civil War engine at the Battlefields Memorial Site, and even a Civil War fire hydrant Glendive, Town Historical Society Museum. Information can be found here.


There are many Glendie, Virginia hiking, and biking trails, and if you love to kayak, there are several lakes and other bodies of water near the town. If you like golf, there are three public golf courses in town. The Glendie Visitors’ Center has an indoor playground and fitness equipment. The Virginia Military Heritage Association hosts train rides and lectures about the Civil War. The Glendie Visitors’ Center also has a gift shop where you can buy gifts for locals and visitors. There are many things to do in Glendie, Virginia, from festivals to nightlife, fine dining restaurants to fine art galleries, nature walks to kayaking, and other water activities. Glendie hosts one of the largest annual festivals in Hampton Roads, The International Roanoke Festival, every August. Glendie has also hosted some of the top events in the area, such as the annual Ocean Fest, featuring hundreds of arts and crafts vendors and performances by local bands and artists, and the Virginia Beach Renaissance Festival, a yearly celebration of the town’s culture and tradition, food, and fine wine. See here for information about Dunavant, Virprimarily The College Town of the South.

If you love visiting mountain biking, you should consider a Glendive, Virginia vacation. Some trails go along the tracks of the Mountain River State Park, and you can even take a day trip up the Smoky Mountains to see the famous Chimney Rock and Cabin Rock. Other attractions include the Glendie Trace, an old railroad line that still exists, and the Glendie National Park. The park has a lot of ancient growth forests, and it has a campground and a cabin in the woods for visitors to enjoy. The Glendie Trace is approximately ten miles long and can be walked in a circular pattern as it meanders through the forest.