Fun things to do with kids in Grafton, Virginia

Grafton, Virginia, is a tiny town that has a lot to offer. There are numerous great ideas for fun things for children and the best places to go near Grafton, Virginia. Information can be found here.

Tygart Lake State Park

This is a quiet and cozy gateway for the entire family. The Tygart Lake State Park sits amongst West Virginia’s rolling hills and alongside Tygart Lake, which is 10 miles long lake, sitting on a 1750 acre piece of land. See here for information about Top camping grounds in Bethel Manor, Virginia.

Valley Falls State Park

Previously, this park served as a site of a lumber and grist mill community. However, it was transformed into a scenic treasure with a range of outdoor recreation activities like fishing, kayaking, hiking, and picnicking.

Tygart Lake Cruises

Schedule a thrilling adventure on this thrilling and interactive pirate cruise on Tygart Lake. Put on your best pirate customer and assist fend off the attacks of the rival pirates using onboard water shooters. Get ready to get extremely wet.