Foods to try out in Jacksonville, Florida

Food is a way to understand the culture of a particular environment. As a tourist, you cannot avoid eating the meals of the city. However, there are continental dishes served by some restaurants for people who would love a taste of home. You can never go wrong with food in Jacksonville. It is a must to try them out. Below are some of the best foods to eat in Jacksonville, Florida. Information concerning Jacksonville, FL can be discovered here.


Risotto is a traditional food for the Spanish. If you’re from Spain and you’d love to have a taste of your local dishes, then getting your risotto is a must. The risotto is a special dish served by the 13 Gypsies Restaurant in Jax. This is one of the best meals from this traditional Spanish restaurant. Information about Festivals in Jacksonville can be found here. 

Fried Chicken

This is a common food found everywhere but, have you tasted the fried chicken from Beach Road Fish and Chicken Dinners? The restaurant is well-known for its traditionally sourced seafood and chicken fried with lots of spices to bring out the perfect taste. Salivating already? Then, you should consider visiting the city of Jacksonville to enjoy this mouth-watering dish.