Festivals in Jacksonville

Visiting a city during their festive period adds to the enjoyment and experience. It is one way of viewing and understanding the cultural way of the residents in the city. Also, it is a time to enjoy lots of activities and meeting a new set of people. What a great way to juxtapose vacation with other exciting activities. The major factor about Jacksonville is that there are lots of festivals scheduled around the year. So, as a tourist, you get to enjoy several festivals irrespective of the time of visitation. Let’s dig into some of the amazing festivals celebrated in Jacksonville. Find further facts here.

Mandarin Art Festival

This festival is perhaps the oldest celebrated in Jacksonville. It started in 1968 and runs to date, celebrated every Easter weekend. Easter seasons are great for vacation, this will be a greater experience to watch with your family. Another interesting fact about this festival is the display of talented exhibiting their talents in various areas. This can be a good encouragement for kids. Read about Events in Jacksonville here. 

Great Atlantic Festival

This is one of the best festivals to attend as a Southerner. It gives a mix of seafood and music from live bands in different genres. Who doesn’t want to enjoy this beauty?