Fall is Here: Taking Care of your Gutters

In Virginia, the change of seasons is a beautiful time of year. However, the beautiful foliage also means falling leaves. This autumn, you should do your best to keep your gutter clear of leaves and other debris.

Dangers of Clogged Gutters
Rain gutters have several purposes. They keep your siding protected from water damage, prevent water from flooding your plants, and keep your foundation from being ruined by excess moisture. Whether there is gradual rainfall over an extended period of time or a severe downfall, gutters keep your home protected. However, a clogged gutter means that your property is no longer protected.

If your gutter becomes clogged, the water will build-up in your gutter. In warmer weather, this is a problem because the water will overflow and destroy your flowers and siding. Any wood supporting the gutter or on your siding can become wet and this will lead to rot. Replacing this wood is not an easy or cheap job.

Clogged gutters are even more of a problem in colder weather. Debris keeps the water from flowing, and this water will eventually freeze. The water may end up freezing under the shingles of your roof, causing damage to your home if it seeps through.

gutter coverPrevent the Problem
You can have gutter covers installed on your gutters to prevent them from clogging. Mesh guards attach to your shingles and cover your gutter. The screen is small enough to allow water to pass through while stopping debris. Designed to be placed in your gutter, foam guards are porous and permit the passage of water, but keeps debris from falling from the roof. More effective for cold weather, nylon guards do not need to be attached to your shingles and prevent snow and ice from building up. Bottle brush guards have bristles that catch leaves and dirt, and water freely flows through to the spout.

Although gutter covers can decrease your chances of major clogs, they do not completely eliminate them. For this reason, a professional gutter cleaning should still be performed on a regular basis.

Professional Cleaning
Having your gutters cleaned is the only way to remove clogs, or to stop debris build-up before it blocks the flow of water. It is a job that some people choose to do themselves, but there are many benefits of having it done by a qualified professional.

If you’re house is particularly tall, accessing your gutter can be risky and require special equipment. A professional cleaner has all of the tools needed to safely access the gutter. A professional will also be able to inspect your gutter carefully. Sometimes, fasteners, end caps, and outlets may need to be tightened or sealed. These important things can easily be overlooked, and the eyes of experience can spot these issues and fix them before they become major problems.

In addition, a professional has the experience and tools to clean your downspouts. This can also become clogged, and even a small clog can slow or block the flow of water. Having your gutters cleaned thoroughly can prevent you from needed to clean them more frequently, or from spending money on repairs.

When you look at the big picture, it is easy to see why gutters are so important and why you need to find a professional cleaning service to care for them. Doing the job right can make all the difference in the world.