Factors Affecting Cost of a Roof

Before embarking on a roofing project, it’s important to have a cost estimate that fits your budget. Apart from the cost of materials used, other factors may affect the price of the entire roofing project. Some are explained below; Learn more facts here.

The Roof Type

The type of roof you want may impact the cost of the project. While on a low budget, a single asphalt roof might be the best choice. Where quality is the priority, a standing seam metal roof will last longer. Read about Things to Consider Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor. here.


Roofing companies need easy access to your roof. This makes it easy to tear down the old roof and also send materials up for installation. 

Roof Complexity

Complexity is determined by; how tall the roof is and the facets, hips, valleys, and steepness. The higher the roof, the more precautions taken by roofing companies which equates to a higher roofing cost.

Dump Fees

When repairing a roof, your contractor will need to dump your old roofing materials. The cost will include hiring a dump truck, transport, and dumpsite fees.

Cost of Labor and Time 

The cost of labor varies in roofing companies. This will depend on the experience of your contractor. The time taken to complete the project will depend on the complexity of the roof. Complex roofs require more time to construct. This results in higher roofing costs.