Explore the Historic Todds Tavern, Virginia

Todds Tavern, Virginia, is located at the base of the falls above Todds Mill Creek. This location is a historical treasure, as it has been called the pot of gold. Todds Tavern is an unincorporated neighborhood within Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and opened as a place where soldiers would socialize and entertain themselves. The area was home to many strong personalities in American history, including Revolutionary War hero General George Washington, his wife, and children. It hosted critical political meetings, celebrations and even today, locals gather for a hearty meal and some quality conversation. Todds Tavern, Virginia, is also noted for its annual Todds Mill Tour, highlighting some of the history and architecture of the area, including the famous Todds Mill. See more here.


This unique area offers many exciting destinations and activities for tourists, nature lovers, families, couples, historians, history enthusiasts, and anyone else who enjoys getting out into the fresh air and exploring the countryside. If you have never been to this beautiful region, then you are missing out. There is so much here that is more than just a quaint little town with a beautiful lake. You will be astonished at some of the spectacular architectural wonders and places of interest. The origins of the Todds Tavern can be traced back to 1776 when the proprietors of this particular establishment started a road called Todds Tavern, or Tail’s tavern as it was known then. It was built by one of George Washington’s friends, and soon after it was completed, the road connecting what is now the town of Springfield and the city of Williamsburg was named Todds Tavern Road. A man ran the tavern by the name of Capt. Richard Todd. It would not become the famous watering hole that it is today until the mid-1800’s when the bar was merged with the other saloons owned by the family. That would set the stage for the Todds Tavern, VA, that we know today. See here for information about  Snell, Virginia – A Unique Fishing Destination.

Todds Tavern, Virginia, is one of the most popular destinations in Spotsylvania County. There is so much to do with an authentic American feel, including horseback riding, hiking, bird watching, historical tours, museums, and outdoor activities. The beautiful scenery, friendly locals, and bountiful entertainment make this destination a great place for a weekend escape or an extended vacation. Come to this fantastic place, and you will find yourself saying, “This is a great town!”