Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, VA – A Beautiful Holiday Outing

The beautiful and amazing beaches of Virginia Beach, Virginia, are known the world over. There is a lot to do for a great vacation in Virginia Beach, including visiting the many attractions, historical sites, and beaches. A Virginia Beach vacation rental will allow you to be close to all of these great attractions. In this article, I will provide some information about Dam Neck State Beach and other famous beaches that you can visit when on vacation in Virginia Beach. When you visit the beaches, you can participate in swimming, surfing, boating, and other water activities or relax by the ocean. More can be found here.


The Dam Neck State Beach is located just 9 miles from Norfolk, Virginia Beach’s capital, and is a wonderful place to enjoy a vacation. You can participate in activities like surfing, sailing, swimming, and fishing. It is also known as one of the most popular natural harbors in the U.S. Many vacation rentals come with their restaurants, clubs, and amenities that make visiting the area convenient and enjoyable. Many attractions such as the Ocean View Yacht Club, Catamaran Cruise, and the Virginia Beach Aquarium make visiting this area exciting and fun.  Learn more about Chic’s Beach, Virginia Beach, VA – A Unique Getaway Experience.

If you want to spend your whole day walking along the beautiful beach, then the Old Dominion Trail is the perfect choice for you. The trail gives you a wonderful view of the city and several other attractions like Dam Neck and Boardwalk. Apart from the track, the area is also very famous for its annual Knotts Beach Festiva,l which is celebrated from time to time. If you prefer shopping and dining, you can visit the Ocean Breeze Shopping Center or the New River Market Place. Along with these places, several other highly popular ones, such as the Diamond Head Center and the Norfolk Aquarium, are important for tourists.