Creative Window Treatments

Window Treatment IdeasNo matter which type of window you have, from bay and bow to specialty and double hung, it won’t look quite finished until you have adorned it with an attractive window treatment. Think of window treatments as hats for your windows – they just pull together the whole ensemble. Try these creative window treatment ideas in your home.

Bedazzling Curtains

Add a touch of sparkle to a living room with a curtain of shimmering beads, advises Houzz. This is the perfect solution to bring a finished look together for bare windows – but only if you’re not looking for a lot of privacy. These curtains are mostly for show – and what a show indeed! Buy a beaded curtain at a department store or make your own with fishing line and beads from a craft store.

The Rustic Look

If you love the natural look, go with a tree branch curtain rod on which you can hang a plain or patterned curtain. Head out to the woods and find the perfect specimen – the more imperfections the better. This makes for a knotty, rustic element to any log cabin. You’ll save money plus you’ll repurpose something found in nature for a win-win. If you want to add a touch of white or another color to the branch, pick up some spray paint for an extra boost.

Root for the Home Team

For a kid who loves sports, pay tribute to his or her favorite team by gathering pennants and attaching them to a valance over the windows. You can tack up the pennants or sew them, your choice. Choose all the same sport, such as football or basketball, or go with all their favorite teams across all sports. This is an easy theme to match throughout the rest of the room with sports team paraphernalia.

Carved Panels

If you love the look of wood, stained in any color you desire, incorporate custom made or vintage carved wood panels with cutouts as your window treatments. They make sturdy additions to your windows that you can hang from a decorative rod or hang from the ceiling. For those times you want to let in light, make sure to hang the panels on rods featuring wheels so you can push them out of the way when needed.

Other Ideas

The point to incorporating window treatments is to have fun. Whether you decide to add canopy curtains for a dramatic flair or simply paint the window frames to add a burst of color, you can really let your creative side fly with these ideas. Let Paramount Builders help you incorporate window treatments as part of an interior design project for your home. Our experts have an eye for décor and how even the smallest accents can transform a room.